Christmas in the Future

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Internal Robotization Vs. Renting Robots
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Christmas is just around the corner and after that a brand new decade begins. As you rush to buy some last-minute presents or sit down to eat dinner with your family, you might reminisce for a moment how the festive season used to be 10 years ago… and wonder what you can expect in the next decades! What will Christmas celebrations look like in the future? Check out how we imagine that.

We will still value Christmas for the time spent with close family and friends

I am convinced that in the future Christmas will not change at all because what determines its special and unique character are the things that don’t change. Moreover, we value Christmas because we are closed to our loved ones, not because of the Christmas tree, presents, crib or wafer. In the world where we’re more and more surrounded by technology, we miss the special connections, which are deep, real and stable.

Out of all holidays, Christmas evokes the most the feeling that it’s worth to share what you have and to hold out an olive branch. The joyful excitement associated with the festive traditions will always be stronger than our attachment to material goods. That’s why even in the virtual reality world we will always wait for a smile and handshake from our relatives and friends.

Mariusz Pultyn, CTO


The world is changing, in 50 years we will have futuristic Christmas with a hologram Christmas tree. Instead of a multigenerational family, the main spot at the table will be taken by an enormous screen through which we’ll connect with our friends all over the world to celebrate the season together via Messenger or another messaging app.

As for the menu, I think that in several dozen years it will be dominated by very healthy, ecological food of yet unknown taste and colours, designed by biotechnologists. Buying presents won’t be such a challenge as it’ll become standard to exchange purchase codes to favourite shops. The festive season will be a time for rest and relaxation in the company of the closest people.

Katarzyna Adamczewska, HR Manager

Technology will make Christmas preparations and shopping for presents easier

Family gatherings will still look the same: the family at the table on the Christmas Eve, everyone smiling. Meanwhile in the kitchen robots will be preparing the whole dinner. Like little moving R2D2s. They will fry the fish and bake the poppyseed cake.

We will buy presents via microchips. Everyone will make a list and upload it to their microchip. The person who wants to buy a gift, will scan it and choose the present. The shop where the gift is in stock will pack it and deliver it on the 24th of December.

Marta Mięśniak, Robo Shepherd Team Coordinator


First of all, the Christmas trees will be completely made from recycled materials and we will decorate them with baubles, lights etc. online, then order them straight to home. Apart from that, there won’t be any problems with picking presents. Starting in November, shops will send us lists of gift ideas for each family member, tailored to them based on their shopping preferences and past experiences.

Families, who live far from each other, will have the opportunity to sit together at the table due to holograms. And no one (or no office worker) will have to work overtime as automation and robotization will drastically shrink our work week.

Justyna Turkowska, Head of Business Development

After all, Christmas will remain special

To me Christmas means, most of all, time spent with close family and friends and I hope this won’t change. I don’t welcome any thoughts of bleak interpretations of the future, such as shown in films or TV shows. Quite the opposite – I hope the technological progress will make it possible for us to e.g. travel more easily and quickly so that everyone has more time to spend in whatever circumstances they wish.

I absolutely reject visions where we completely give up Christmas rituals in favour of convenience. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10, 20 or 50 years into the future – I will always think about Christmas in terms of the special atmosphere created by special people, which makes us feel extraordinary.

Magdalena Adamczewska, Head of Operations


This year the entire DTM team invariably wishes you, dear Readers, merry and peaceful Christmas spent with family and filled with joy and rest.

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Internal Robotization Vs. Renting Robots
Internal Robotization Vs. Renting Robots
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