Robo Shepherds – Experience in Operations and the Maintenance of Robots

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Where does boredom at work start?
Where does boredom at work start?Read all

Usually when we discuss how our robots work and our Rent-a-Robot model, we also explain the Robo Shepherd profession. In today’s blog post we take a closer look at who our Robo Shepherds are, what their work with robots entails and how it is affected by their earlier professional experience.

Robo Shepherds – RPA developers and more

Robo Shepherds not only develop and test robots, but, more importantly, they maintain robots after they are implemented and make sure that every day robots go to work, fully prepared to complete their tasks. If any changes occur in a given process or application, it is Robo Shepherds who are responsible for training robots and adjusting them to the new requirements.

Many Robo Shepherds worked in operations departments

Most of our Robo Shepherds have experience in operations. They used to handle monotonous and tedious processes which might have been soon delegated to robots. Thank to a reskilling program Robo Shepherds could enter the IT industry and gain new skills consistent with the job market, which changes along with the progressing digitalization.

Now their experience helps them develop robots more effectively and efficiently. Robo Shepherds easily understand business processes for which they design robots. They also understand perfectly that the selected processes create a discouraging atmosphere of boredom and routine at work, and robotizing them will bring many benefits to the Client and employees.

Robot maintenance requires flexibility

Understanding the robotized processes quickly is key so that within a few weeks robots created by Robo Shepherds can start working in the production environment. But, as we already mentioned, Robo Shepherds’ work doesn’t end here.

Thanks to their business awareness and flexibility Robo Shepherds ensure that robots’ work is constant and stable regardless of changes in volume or processes. Business and IT environments of our Clients can be very dynamic and processes require changes even weekly. However, implementing changes does not affect ongoing operations. Robo Shepherds take care of their robots from the moment they design them and they thoroughly understand the processes and so they train robots in a way that does not cause interruptions.

If you want to learn more about how robots can help your company, read the description of processes robotised by Digital Teammates. The description is a concise source of information about business purposes of robots and contains examples of already automated processes. You will learn what robots’ work looks like step by step and what assignments they are capable of completing. We hope that these examples will help you identify processes which can be automated to benefit you and your company.

You can download the description here

Where does boredom at work start?
Where does boredom at work start?
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We’re Hiring Robots, or How to Automate Processes in Fintech
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