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The Boiling Tap Company Drinking water systems for OCS and Horeca industryDrinking water systems for OCS and Horeca industry
Why Every Office Needs a Boiling-, Chilled-, and Sparkling-Water Tap13.11.2020 11:51:22The many reasons why every office needs a boiling-, chilled-, and sparkling-water tap can be summed up, really, in three big reasons: Stop using plastic bottles. Keep staff hydrated. Show off your brand’s professionalism.Read all



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  • Each subsequent year brought Katowice unprecedented transformation – an interview with Marcin Nowak, Managing Director of Ammega Business Services24.11.2021
  • I believe that Elbląg faces on opportunity to become an important economic centre of Northern Poland18.11.2021
  • 125 years of tradition18.11.2021
  • All spaces are now video spaces: three key concepts to connect in-office and remote teams18.11.2021
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