Why Every Office Needs a Boiling-, Chilled-, and Sparkling-Water Tap

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There are so many reasons! These taps are cost-effective, eco-friendly, safe, convenient, fun, and stylish. A boiling- and chilled-water dispenser unit puts an end to queues at coffee break, excessive steam, limescale in your drinks, and the risk of dangerous spills.

With sparkling water on tap, staff can liven up fruit juice with a bit of fizz, or just enjoy the fresh, tingling sensation of chilled carbonated water.

The many reasons why every office needs a boiling-, chilled-, and sparkling-water tap can be summed up, really, in three big reasons:

Stop using plastic bottles. Keep staff hydrated. Show off your brand’s professionalism.


1.Join the fight against plastic pollution

In the UK, around seven-and-a-half billion plastic bottles of water are purchased every year. Water bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and an awful lot of crude oil is used to manufacture this type of plastic. Approximately 250ml of oil goes into the production of a single one-litre bottle.

Once the brand-new plastic bottles are made, they have to be filled, and whether they’re taken to the water or vice versa, there’s transportation involved. Next step: the packaged water is transported to thousands of commercial outlets. Over the course of each year, seven-and-a-half billion bottles of water are purchased in the UK; the water is consumed; the bottle is (in 55% of cases) disposed of and collected by a refuse collection vehicle that chomps through a gallon of fuel every four miles.

Much of this discarded plastic ends up in landfill – and a lot of it finds its way into the sea. Plastic has only been around for 150 years, and already this non-biodegradable material is clogging up the oceans and filling up the land. Plastic pollution is affecting thousands of animal species as it spreads through the food chains.

Celluloid, the world’s first artificial polymer, was invented in 1869. The killing of elephants for their ivory was getting out of hand, and this new material, celluloid, was welcomed as an eco-friendly alternative. Now the plastic itself is an ecological hazard.

How do we slow down this assault on the natural environment?

By not buying bottled water.

And this is one reason why every office needs a boiling-, chilled-, and sparkling-water tap.


2.Keep hydrated

Headaches, palpitations, memory loss, lack of concentration, depression, insomnia, urine infection, constipation, disorientation, tiredness, kidney failure, dry mouth, bad breath, sore joints, irritability, confusion, dizziness …

All symptoms of dehydration.

More than half of the human body is made up of water. Without water, we die. Without enough water, we can’t function at full capacity.

Every single one of a body’s trillions of cells depends on water for survival.

Blood (98% water) carries nutrients to each cell, and works most effectively when well diluted. A high volume of low-concentration blood will flow freely, saving strain on the heart and enabling the production of neurotransmitters for effective cognition.

Our built-in shock absorbers, cerebrospinal fluid (which protects the brain) and synovial fluid (which cushions and lubricates our joints), are made up mostly of water. One of the effects of chronic dehydration is accelerated deterioration of the joints. Physical discomfort as a result of sore, aching joints – or other conditions associated with dehydration, such as constipation, kidney stones, and headaches – can have a detrimental effect on productivity.

Water, however, can’t be stored up in our bodies. It’s always just passing through. So, water intake needs to be frequent and plentiful.

This is another reason why every office needs a boiling-, chilled-, and sparkling-water tap.


3.Present a professional image

The way a business presents itself plays an important part in its reputation and credibility. A clean, user-friendly website that’s responsive and easy to navigate; well-written, informative content; polite, knowledgeable sales personnel; smart, well-kept premises … all contribute to a brand image that inspires confidence. The message is, “We’ve got it all in hand.”

… Until a supplier or a client visits the office. You offer them a drink (“Cup of tea or coffee? Or a glass of water?”) and then scuttle into the kitchenette, where you switch on the kettle for a hot drink, or fill a glass from the tap and hold it up to the light to inspect it for impurities. There’s something slightly embarrassing about boiling the kettle; it’s so domestic.

In some offices, though, it’s a different story. The drinks station isn’t hidden away in a corner. The good-looking, efficient water-dispenser tap is an integral part of the office – unapologetically on show and accessible.

The highest-performing tap on the market today is the sleek, three-in-one Illimani Tap, which can dispense more than 600 cups of chilled water – or 300 cups of boiling water – in one hour. Designed with the latest smart technology, the Illimani Tap only heats what you use, and it provides a continuous, regulated supply of pure water. The absolute purity of the water keeps the unit totally free of limescale. This most modern version of the kettle – one of man’s earliest appliances – runs at approximately 5% of the cost of supplying boiling and chilled water by means of kettles and bottled water.

The minimalist style of the Illimani is matched by the simple beauty of the TaoZen Tap. Three slender, swan-like taps – dispensing boiling water, chilled water, and sparkling water – are fed from one neatly concealed base unit. In a busy office, the TaoZen is capable of dispensing up to three servings at one time.

The TaoZen tap is available in a wide range of colours – offering an opportunity to match your taps to your brand’s identity. You might even choose three different colours!

Whatever colour (or colours) you choose, the TaoZen or the Illimani – or the Covid Touchless Dispense – will reflect your brand’s environmental policy, concern for staff wellbeing, and professional sense of style.

Yet another reason why every office needs a boiling-, chilled-, and sparkling-water tap.

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