Digital Teammates S.A.

Digital Teammates S.A.

  • Specialization:supplier RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Start year:2017
  • City: Warszawa (Poland)
  • Employment: 100
  • Industry:RPA,
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  • Category:supplier RPA,

About us

Digital Teammates® is a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) provider with unique Rent a Robot offer. Thanks to own technology and specialized team we are able to assess robotization potential, develop robots and deploy them within few weeks. Tech-Shoring your operations with Digital Teammates® yields benefits in shortest available time and with minimal effort from Client. Once the robots are deployed, we are making sure that they come to do the work they are supposed to do on time. If they stop, for any reason, we are here to reconfigure them and make sure they return to their routines immediately. Thanks to our maintenance services our Clients don’t have to invest in specialized RPA teams to gain benefits from robotization.

Digital Teammates® offer combines features that make robotization of process easy, quick and seamless:

  • No initial investment needed
  • First robot are deployed within 4-6 weeks of cooperation
  • We provide full maintenance of robots
  • We deliver new robots on demand
  • Our robots’ work has high quality with low price
  • RPA with Digital Teammates® is a great first step to move into introducing AI into your operations

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