Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency Ltd

Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency Ltd

  • Specialization:Investor acquisition and assistance
  • Start year:2002
  • City: Szczecin (Poland)
  • Employment: 12
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About us

To create the proper business environment and support its growth, the City of Szczecin established the Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency (ARMS), which focuses on providing an effective, local investor support system. To that end, it cooperates (substantively and operationally) with numerous governmental agencies and private businesses, such as Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Special Economic Zones, trade organizations, chambers of commerce and consulting agencies.

The investors may expect to receive information and help concerning investment procedures, as well as receive assistance in launching or developing economic activities within Szczecin.

The Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency (ARMS) is tasked with supporting the investors in following ways:

  •  Providing necessary information concerning implementation of investments within the city;
  •  Organizing meetings with city’s President, representatives of key Town Hall departments, trade organizations, the district employment office, business support institutions and academic hubs; cooperating with the developers within the scope of commercializing office space within the city;
  •  Helping find real estate appropriate for development according to the investment needs;
  •  Piloting of document flow concerning investment procedures;
  •  Preparation of investment offers;
  •  Support in finding future employees;
  •  Promotion activities, organization of events showing the economic potential of the City of Szczecin;
  •  Organization of events, such as conferences, trade fairs, industry workshops, also on an international scale, which give the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience, obtain new business contacts and initiate new projects;
  •  Stimulation of the local business environment development processes.


Implementing an investment requires large financial expenditures. By working with banks and loan funds, ARMS is also able to provide entrepreneurs with sureties, that is securities necessary for obtaining a credit or a loan. Therefore, it helps in obtaining external financing. This type of ARMS activity has been implemented since its establishment in 2002. As of writing, it allowed for supporting over 700 West Pomeranian entrepreneurs with sureties. ARMS offers bid bond guarantees, which can be used instead of paying a bid bond.


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