• Specialization:outsourcing, call contact center, lean management
  • Start year:2002
  • City: Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Industry:Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), CRM,
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  • Category:Advisory and Consulting, Call Centre, Contact Centre, Customer Relationship Management, Lean management & Six Sigma,

About us

Founded in 2002, Trizma was the first independent Call Center Provider in Serbia, working with banks, insurances, retailers, telecom providers and governmental institutions, managing their customer contacts efficiently while ensuring quality in each communication.

As technology evolved, organizations introduced many new channels – from mobile phones, emails and web, to more recent concepts such as collaborative browsing and social networks.  This brought an additional complexity to the art of customer communication management and created a need for Single Point of Contact between any organization and its customers. Trizma addressed this new gap by offering Integrated Customer Service Model that placed the Customer in the center of this new communications strategy.

As organizations searched for more efficiency in operations, Trizma was prepared to offer a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services such as document processing, IT help desk, advanced CRM and HR outsourcing. But BPO is not only about operational efficiency, it is also about redesigning main organization’s processes and aligning them with new Customer-centric model. As markets become more competitive, large organizations need to replace a traditional departmentalized view with new Customer focused processes that can measure each Customer Experience end-to-end.
We firmly believe that Serbia provides the right mix of language variety and quality, optimal cost-structure and other local initiatives that present an attractive offering for global service providers.
This is why Trizma today is a promoter of Serbia as an attractive near-shoring destination.
With over 12 years of Business Processes Outsourcing experience Trizma is recognized as regional leader in providing management consulting and customer support. Our Smart Model is based on close integration and clients’ relationship based on trust, dedication and loyalty.

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