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BCB Business Park is a modern, self-sufficient business complex being developed on a plot of approximately 17 ha. in  the  immediate  vicinity  of  Lech  Wałęsa  Airport. It offers interesting designed office space, flexible business solutions and unique location.

The project site is  accessible from  a two-lane  express road  constituting the Tricity  (Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia)  Ring Road. Thanks to this convenient location, it is possible to reach this area within just a few minutes from any place in the Tri-City urban agglomeration.  Moreover,  via  a  junction  between  the  Tricity  Ring  Road,  the  (S7)  Express  road  and  the  (A1) Motorway,  this  complex  opens  up  the  entire  country. Another  advantage  with  respect  to  communication  with  the  BCB Business  Park  is  the  close  proximity  of  the  Airport  which  facilitates  direct  connections  with  many  European  cities.

Within the  architectural and urban concept, the developer  plans to  build 6 representative,  high  standard  office  buildings  with underground  and  surface-level  parking. The office  space  of each  building  will  be  about  9.250 m with  about  300  parking  spaces  and  6  office  buildings  in  the  BTS  system  with an  office  space  of  about  4.800m and  about  100  parking  spaces  each.

In  addition,  the  office  buildings  will  be  completed  with  auxiliary  functions  such  as  commercial  facilities, catering  facilities, recreation  zones) warehousing  facilities. The BCB Business Park will offer the total office area of over 90 000 sq.


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