The highest office buildings in the Polish cities

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List of the tallest buildings in the country is regularly expanding, and the offer on the office market is becoming more diverse and attractive. Walter Herz experts point out the highest offices in each city.

Office market is growing at an unprecedented pace. According to Walter Herz specialists, the trend of strong expansion of tenants, both in Warsaw and in regional cities, connects with record-high level of new supply of office space. Some of the projects entering the market set new standards, both in terms of solutions, and the scale of investment. Office space resources in the country effectively enrich the emerging high-rise buildings, which also affect the change in the landscape of the Polish cities.

Impressive facilities are growing throughout Poland, however; the global market is still unsurpassed in this aspect. Especially, when we compare domestic achievements with the national projects implemented in the Middle East. In the city of Jeddah, the Saudis are now building a kilometer high Jeddah Tower, which when completed in 2020, will be the highest building in the world. The giant building will be higher by almost 200 meters than the very highest skyscraper - the 163-storey Burj Khalifa tower measuring 828 meters, located in Dubai.

Originally the giant was to measure up to 1.6 kilometers high, but the plans were changed due to the terrain profile. Around the 200-storey Jeddah Tower will be a district-city area measuring 5 square kilometers with business facilities and villas. The cost of which to be several times higher than the construction of the tower itself. The skyscraper will be a residential building, and will also include shops, entertainment centers, restaurants, a hospital and, of course a large observation deck.

The highest office building in the world is New York's 1 World Trade Center  measuring 541 meters. It was built on the site of the destroyed WTC towers. The modernist building designed by Daniel Libeskind, offers over 240 thousand sq. m. of usable area. The facility will be accompanied by two more towers, which are currently under construction.

the highest office buildings in the Polish cities

Built in 1955, Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is still the highest building in Poland. A 42-storey gift of our eastern neighbors is leading the way with 237 meters. The highest strictly office building is Warsaw Spire tower with the total height of 220 meters. The building was commissioned earlier this year. Place on top of the podium is, however at risk, because of the approved zoning plan for the area of the central railway station in Warsaw. It will see the construction in over 300 meter high tower, which at the moment is in the designing stage.

In Wrocław, the highest building is a 212 meter high Sky Tower. The commercial and office building with luxurious apartments is located on a plot of 2.7 ha in the city center, between the streets of Powstańców Śląskich, Gwiaździsta, Wielka and Szczęśliwa. Sky Tower consists of three elements: a shopping mall on the ground floor with two adjacent residential and office buildings. The total area of the building is approx. 171 thousand sq. m. The tower with a characteristic sail shape, looking at the city from the top, is the highest building in Poland when it comes to the height of the roof. The highest vantage point in the country located on the 49th floor of the building is Wrocław's tourist attraction. The skyscraper commissioned in 2013 is one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Poland.

A record-breaking180 meter Olivia Star tower is currently emerging in Gdańsk, near the Olivia hall. It will be higher than the highest office - Organika Trade (98 meters) from 1980 and it will exceed the popular Zieleniak (90 meters) from the early 70's. On 35 floors Olivia Star will offer commercial and office space, and at a height of 150 meters will be a communal terrace with the views of the city skyline and the Bay of Gdańsk. The building will be one of the 3 buildings in Poland with triple glazed all-glass façade and natural fresh air ventilation, due to the tilting fragments of the façade. The building structure is almost perfectly smooth, a glass cuboid with subtle faults in the upper part. The high-rise building, with 46 thousand sq. m. of space is being built within the complex Olivia Business Centre. Apart from the office space, there will also be a lower part beside the tower, with the winter garden. The building will be completed in 2017.

The highest buildings in Gdynia - Sea Towers, located at Nabrzeże Prezydenta Embankment, near the Kościuszko Square is one of the most recognizable buildings in Pomerania. The towers are situated several meters away from the shoreline of the Gulf of Gdańsk, near the beach and yacht marina. The Sea Towers offer exclusive apartments as well as commercial and office space. The higher tower has 38 stories and is nearly 142 meters high with the antenna. The lower one has 29 floors. The facility is currently in the 12th place on the list of the highest buildings in the country. The construction of the project was completed in 2009.

In Szczecin, the tallest building with office space is Pazim complex, completed in 1992. The office building with a total height of 128 meters, offers over 22 thousand sq. m. of usable space. The 23-storey building offers a café on the penultimate floor, and on the top floor and the roof it offers infrastructure for radio broadcasting antennas and telecom operators, making it one of the central nodes of telecommunication in the city.

A 125 meter Altus is still the highest building in Katowice. However, not too far away, in close proximity of Spodek arena, the construction of KTW complex has begun. The building will have two towers, including a 31-storey one, measuring 133 meters. A 30-storey Altus is the highest building in the area of two million Silesian metropolitan, and number 16 on the nationwide list. Total area of the facility is 63 thousand sq. m. The complex consists of three interconnected buildings, conjoined with an atrium. In the four-storey gallery, and the high tower there is four-star hotel as well as a conference center and service points, a casino, restaurants and cafes and a Sky Bar.

Cracow has their own 'Błękitek' -  this is what the residents call a 105 meter K1 building. The 20-storey office building is the highest in the city. It is located on Aleja Pokoju Avenue, next to Grzegórzeckiego roundabout, one of the main transportation hubs in Cracow. The hotel, which was built in the 70s, was completely modernized in 1996-1998 and covered with blue glass brought from Luxembourg. This is what gave it its unofficial name. Another major renovation of the building took place in 2014. Walter Herz specialists point out that office building has its counterpart in Warsaw. A 120 meter Błękitny Wieżowiec (Blue Tower Plaza) located on Plac Bankowy Square. It owes its name the new façade installed in 1991. It is made of colorless, reflective glass, reflecting the blue sky.

In Poznan, the companies that have their offices in the highest building in the city, are located in the 102 meter Andersia Tower, situated at Plac Andersa Square. The office building with a total area of 35 thousand sq. m. has 20 floors above ground. It includes not only offices, but also a 4 star hotel as well as retail and service area. The building was completed in 2007. It was created by a public-private partnership.

Red Tower  measuring 80 meters is the highest building in Łódź. The tower  built in1978, is located in the city center, at the intersection of Piotrkowska and Piłsudskiego Streets. The 22-storey office building was completely modernized in 2006-2008, gaining a new red façade and night illumination.

In Rzeszów, the highest office building is measuring 55 meters - SkyRes Warszawaska. The 14-storey building, which was opened last year, offers approx. 20 thousand sq. m. of class A office space. Modern building which is located in the center of the city, at the intersection of Warszawska and Lubelska Streets, is part of a complex which also includes residential buildings. Moreover, a new office building SkyRes Lubelska with 17 thousand sq. m. is currently being designed.

Arkady Business Park office complex, located in the central part of Bydgoszcz is currently under construction. The building will provide class A office space.  The construction takes place in the area of Fordońskie roundabout, at the intersection of major roads in the city. The building will measure 45 meters. Upon completion, which is planned next year, it will be the highest facility in Bydgoszcz. The city occupies the 8th place in Poland in terms of the population (over 355 thousand).

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